In the end, this is the real reason we do what we do.

"true brilliance...in the subjective realm of customer service."

"We have been using Gotappraisals.com as our Appraisal Management Company since HVCC was instituted. To say that we were concerned on both a Retail and Wholesale level with HVCC's impact on business operations would be an understatement. Loan Officers, Brokers, Processors (both internal and external) were all hesitant to exchange the cold comfort of business as usual for change.

Jody and his company could not have done a better job assuaging those fears. Jody has assembled an excellent group of appraisers that provide accurate and timely property valuations. The underwriting staff is more than pleased with the quality of work as is the sales force because of the explanations and detail his appraisers go into on each report.

While those objective aspects of his business are important, Jody's true brilliance is in the subjective realm of customer service. Gotappraisals.com keeps us informed on the status of the inspections from scheduling through completion of the order. Jody is also a hands on manager when an issue does arise. He has always been there to help us through a delay or difficult inspection and always has a solution to those problems.

In short, we could not be any more pleased with Jody Reid and GotAppraisals as a business partner. Please contact me if you have any questions."

-Kim C.

"...we believe they are an integral component of our company's success."

"I am pleased to recommend Got Appraisals. Having worked with several AMC’s, what really stands out about Got Appraisals, is that they care. When the need arises, they are attentive and responsive. BOCM operates under a multiple AMC platform, and over the months we have directed more and more of our business to Got Appraisals. Having worked with the owner, Jody Reid, Conrad Walker, their senior staff appraisers and their service managers, I cannot emphasize enough their professionalism, knowledge and contribution towards meeting the timely demands of our appraisal orders.

Got Appraisals has delivered hundreds of appraisals to BOCM, and we believe they are an integral component of our company’s success. I recommend Got Appraisals without hesitation and am happy to discuss their services with potential clients."

-Michelle K.

"Luckily, we discovered Got Appraisals..."

"The thought of using an appraisal management company makes a lot of loan originators blood pressure boil. It was that way with most of the AMCs we used in the past. We had issues with scheduling, out of area appraisers reviewing our properties, appraisals on the wrong form, you name it, it happened to us.

Luckily, we discovered GOT Appraisals several months ago. Since then we've been directing our loans to the lenders partnered with them. Our timeframes have decreased, less desk reviews with knowledgeable and fair appraisers, and most importantly their customer service is the best in the industry. We don't have to go through 3-4 individuals to get an answer. They take care of the issue with one call. It's been a pleasure working with GOT Appraisals. Thank you for your service."

-Anthony M.

"They really add value to the process."

“Got Appraisals is truly a boutique appraisal experience -- you feel special, and they are experts in every way, from the amazingly talented and caring in-house team to their very local appraiser panel in every market. They really add value to the process."

- Vicki B.

"They are fast, accurate, and provide great service."

"Got Appraisals is our best AMC from a performance perspective. They are fast, accurate, and provide great service. You can get people on the phone, and talk directly to someone who is familiar with the order in question and has seen the report themselves."

- Casey M.