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Are you a FHA Certified appraiser with high standards?
If so, we are looking for you.  We are always looking to expand our team of A.I.R. compliant appraisers.  Got Appraisals strives to return appraisals to the client within four days of ordering and within two days of inspection.  We expect to be informed when the inspection has been scheduled and when the inspection has been completed.  We provide a simple way to communicate with us along with a simple way to request further information such as purchase contracts or additional contact information.

What you get in return
is a great working environment and the ability to do your job as an independent appraiser.  We will never pressure you into meeting a sales price or a certain value.  In return we expect you to follow the A.I.R. requirements. 

If you feel you have what it takes
Then be a part of a world class team by continuing with the application process below.  

You guys are fantastic over there!! Thanks for the quick response. I've been doing this full time for 22 years and this may be the fastest response I've ever received from anyone. I wish I did more work for Got Appraisals. I appreciate the work that comes my way from Got." Thanks again.

- Joe K.
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Appraiser Selection Process
We utilize the Mercury Network as a tool to send assignments to appraisers and to track current appraisals and completed appraisals. Our fee panel appraisers have informed Mercury Network of the counties that they have geographical competency and the types of products they are competent in appraising. We only utilize FHA Certified Residential or FHA Certified General appraisers. When we have a complex assignment, we will contact the appraiser to make sure that they are competent to complete the assignment; however, we rely on the appraiser to comply with USPAP and notify us if they are not competent to perform an assignment. We generally only assign appraisers that are located within a 15-mile radius of the subject property. Historically the average distance has been 8.5 miles from the appraiser to the subject property.

Be prepared to upload your license, insurance, resume and W9 along with two (2) appraisal samples.  On your first visit you will need to create a login.  Use your email address as your login, enter a password and click the "New Login" button.  There you will fill out all of your information.  Once completed you will be asked to upload files.  These files are your license, insurance, resume and W9 along with two (2) appraisal samples.

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Inspection and Appraisal Guidelines
Removal of Appraiser