The story behind Got Appraisals.

It's about service.

Got Appraisals, headquartered in San Ramon, CA, is a privately-owned and operated national appraisal management company. Founded as AMR Appraisals in 2004 by licensed Real Estate Appraiser Jody Reid, the company grew into a fully functional multi-state regional appraisal management company long before implementation of Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) and the proliferation of modern day appraisal management companies.

With the advent of HVCC in the spring of 2009, the company was renamed Got Appraisals, and continued its rapid growth driven by a priority focus on customer service, an entrepreneurial spirit, keen appraiser perspective, and strong industry experience. With the head start provided by being in the appraisal management business prior to HVCC, the Got Appraisal team was able to secure an early leadership position through sound business processes, technology, systems, and a coast-to-coast network of elite appraisal professionals producing first class appraisals on a national scale.

Today, continuing its relentless focus on customer satisfaction, Got Appraisals has become a premier provider of national appraisal management services.