Unbiased determination of value conclusions.
If you need to determine the risk of a given appraisal, Got Appraisals
can help. GotRisk is a highly sophisticated, automated analytical tool
designed to significantly improve the appraisal and evaluation review
process, resulting in efficiency gains, cost savings, and verification of
accuracy -- giving you the confidence you need to make the right
business decision.

Unbiased analysis of accuracy and quality.
GotRisk is performed by an unbiased third party, using state-of-the-art analytics, an industry-leading AVM, local market analysis, neighborhood trends, and other key collateral metrics. GotRisk analyzes numerous components of the valuation report to determine if the value conclusion and supporting data is reasonable.
Nationwide coverage utilizing Public Records and local MLS.
GotRisk performs an analysis of Public Records and local MLS data, and includes a complete view of subject property characteristics information. GotRisk also lists all prior transactions for the subject property by Sold, Active, and O-market statuses. GotRisk includes a complete list of the highest-scoring comparable sales and listings relative to the subject, based on proximity, similarity and currency of information from public records and local MLS data sources.
Benefits of GotRisk.

  • Fast, affordable, and comprehensive
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Customizable rules to meet client needs and guidelines
  • Analysis of public records and local MLS data
  • Verification of subject property characteristics(based on available local data)
  • Analysis and rating of comparable selection, utilizing public records and local MLS
  • Includes home price trends and sales activity charts for the subject’s market area
  • VIP service levels
  • Fastest turn-times
  • National reach
  • Local expertise

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"I am pleased to recommend Got Appraisals. Having worked with several AMC's, what really stands out about Got Appraisals, is that they care. When the need arises, they are attentive and responsive."
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