NEW! GotVal Enhanced AVM options

An AVM is a low-cost, automated way to produce an estimated market value for a home. However, that’s one of the shortcomings of AVM’s - - they’re automated. Now you can take AVM’s a step further, and add a bit of the human element, with GotVal Enhanced AVM options, only from Got Appraisals. The GotVal and GotVal Plus interactive AVM’s include insight from trained staff members, resulting in more accurate value estimates, while delivering speed and an attractive price point.

GotVal Enhanced AVM
GotVal Plus Enhanced AVM
Geo-statistical formulas and analytics
Multiple data sources
High/low market value estimates
Confidence scoring, plus additional data
Trained staff intervention to adjust subject
Trained staff intervention to adjust comp criteria
Elimination of sales data that is not pertinent
Drive-by subject front photos (left/center/right)
Street scene photos - 2 directions
Highest-accuracy AVM available

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"Got Appraisals is truly a boutique appraisal experience -- you feel special, and they are experts in every way, from the amazingly talented and caring in-house team to their very local appraiser panel in every market. They really add value to the process."
- Vicki B.

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GotVal Enhanced AVMs