Cancellation policy.
We strive to complete the appraisal process as quickly and accurately as possible. We recognize that our customers want the job done as quickly, so we attempt to start the process immediately, and we require that appraisers waste no time in the appraisal process. The typical process for the appraiser is as follows:
Accept and receive the appraisal order.
Call the borrower/contact person and schedule the appraisal.
Begin research on the subject property.
Inspect and photograph the subject property and comparable properties.
Write the report.
Deliver the report to Got Appraisals.


Cancellation Policy:

If an order is placed and then cancelled, the following policy will apply --

  • If the order is cancelled before inspection:  $25.00 service fee to Got Appraisals.

  • If the order is cancelled after inspection, but before report is completed: $200-250 service fee to Got Appraisals, depending on the complexity and on the degree of report completion upon cancellation.

  • Once a report is completed:     No Refund

Changing Payment Methods:

If after paying for an appraisal, you need to change the payment method, a $25 processing fee will be charged.


By placing your order and submitting your credit card information, you agree to our cancellation policy.

There are no refunds due to discrepancies in value. An appraisal is an appraiser’s opinion of value. All appraisers are licensed by the state in which the appraisal is performed. If you disagree with the value of an appraisal we will investigate the file, however NO refund will be issued for discrepancies in value.