Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR).

Do you have questions about AIR?
If so, you are not alone. Just as many banks and mortgage brokers were getting used to the HVCC guidelines, the new AIR guidelines came into effect October 2010. AIR guidelines have been implemented to better protect lenders as well as consumers. It is more important than ever for us as an AMC to completely understand these new regulations as well as the impact they have on our clients.

If you align yourself with an outstanding appraisal service provider,
your operation and the interest of the homeowner will be well protected. If your bank is working with a poorly managed appraisal company, the likelihood of getting poor service is high.

Want the full scoop?
Instead of trying to decipher the Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR), we would like to refer you straight to the source. Below we have provided you with links that take you to Fannie Mae's web site and to documents that Fannie Mae has released on the subject. If at anytime you still have a question feel free email us at compliance@gotappraisals.com.

Appraiser Independence Requirements